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ShowThePlanPRO™ can be your "ticket to success" in direct sales and network marketing. It is simple, engaging, duplicatable, effective, immediate, compelling and powerful!

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Your income in direct sales depends on 3 simple things:

1. Prospecting "Inviting"

Your digital "business card" and professional presentation are always with you on your mobile device. Send an invitation via text message any time you wish and know, unlike email, that it will be received and read instantly.

2. Appointments "Show the Plan"

From spur-of-the-moment opportunities to scheduled presentations, showing the plan is a breeze because it’s built into your digital business card.

Your own personalized presentation complete with your contact information, sizzle video, testimonials and links to your official websites and sign-up pages is all built into this unified platform.

3. Instant Feedback And follow-up

Get instant STPpro activity alerts by text message when your prospect takes action. You'll receive an instant alert when your propsect visitis your page and plays, pauses or finishes the video you sent to them. Knowing when to follow up is critically important and know what action they took ... and when ... is the key!

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